About Home Care

     Alabama Caregivers, LLC provides home care service and workers for you or your loved ones to assist with everyday tasks that may become overwhelming for yourself or your loved ones. We can assist you with these tasks, while also being passionate and understanding of the circumstances at hand.

     Listed below are some of the everyday tasks and assistance we provide our clients with:

Home Care We Provide

  • Provide clients with transportation to doctors appointments, grocery store and other places.
  • Reminding clients to bathe and take care of personal grooming and hygiene.
  • Reminding clients to take over-the-counter and prescribed medications.
  • Performing housekeeping duties that is essential to the care of the client.
  • Reporting observed changes in the client’s physical, mental or emotional condition.
  • Observing and reporting home safety.
  • Toileting or maintaining continence.
  • Meal or snack preparation, meal serving and cleaning up afterwards.
  • Assistance with communication which includes placing phone within client’s reach and physically assisting client with use of the phone and orientation to daily events.
  • Essential shopping for food and other essential household or personal supplies which may be purchased during the same trip and picking up prescribed medication.
  • General housekeeping, which includes cleaning (such as sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, dusting, taking out trash, changing bed linens, defrosting and cleaning the refrigerator, cleaning the stove or oven, cleaning bathrooms); laundry (washing clothes and linen, ironing, minor mending); and, other activities as needed to maintain the client in a safe and sanitary environment.
  • Support for activities of daily living, such as: bathing, personal grooming, personal hygiene, assisting clients in and out of bed, assisting with ambulation and toileting and/or activities to maintain continence.
  • Home support that is essential to the health and welfare of the recipient, such as: cleaning, laundry and home safety. (Home safety includes a general awareness of the home's surroundings to ensure that the client is residing in a safe environment.
  • Assistance with paying bills (which includes opening bills, writing checks but not signing them) and delivering payments to designated recipients on behalf of the client.
  • Essential shopping for food and other essential household or personal supplies which may be purchased during the same trip, and picking up prescribed medication.
  • Accompanying the client to necessary medical appointments, grocery shopping, and obtaining prescription medications.